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Privacy Policy

SANRITSU Corporation is a limited company, [Yawatajuku Dai-ichi Hotel Official Page Web Site] in the case of use of the personal information you provide us with your careful handling and the protection of our privacy.

1.A collection of personal information and content

You tend to analyze your situation to collect and access, but from the record it is not possible to identify customers and non-usage statistics do not use. However, various reservations contact our service to you, your personal information to reach a specific you need to be registered. Please check our privacy policy is available on the process appears to specific items to fill your reservation please service.

2.The use form of personal information

In the following case, I will use the registered information.

  1. As the basic data for employing a reservation function,
  • Specification of the visitor who reserved.
  • Specification of an address in the case of distributing reservation definite declaration.
  • A visitor’s attestation in the case of hearing the check of reservation, or cancellation.
  1. A statistical works, such as a total for improvement in grasp of a visitor’s use history, and service, sake.
  2. When the reply to an inquiry is given.
  3. In addition, when a visitor needs to be specified in the service a hotel is allowed to provide.

3.Preservation of personal information

  1. Our company may do unspecified period maintenance of the offered information. The information concerned is protected like the information acquired from a telephone or mail.
  2. Our company never provides a third party with the information which can specify the offered individual. However, in the following cases, a third party may be disclosed or provided with personal information.
  • the case where personal information needs to be offered when entrusting the business of our company to a third party — < -- however, when our company and a third party have concluded the confidentiality agreement, it restricts. >
  • When there is a request from government and municipal offices, such as the police.
  • When a law is in related many statutes.
  1. Personal information is not used for any purpose other than the above “form of use of personal information.”
  2. The case where the private information by the customer is received we pay prudent attention, but regrettable what guarantees 100% safe data sending and receiving by way of Internet has judged that it is impossible. Because of this, the maximum we endeavor to the protection of private information, but in regard to the information which the user transmitted on responsibility of the self or by way of servicing the information which is received, as for this corporation to guarantee and it is not possible to guarantee the safety. When the customer private information it is input in this site, because you regard that it was agreed in this privacy policy, please note. In addition, this corporation has the right to modify policy according to need.

4.About the management of private information

At this corporation it makes the management of private information of the customer the employee be thorough, as leakage illegitimate access alteration loss destruction and the like to outside not occurred, it endeavors to strengthening the security.

5.About the correction deletion of private information

When information of specification of the customer changes, or when the customer deletion of private information it is desired, the limited company Sanritsu corporation ‘ Yawata inn Dai-ichi Hotel Co., Ltd. ‘ it corrects the private information which was offered from the customer, it renews, or deletes. When it corresponds, please communicate to Yawata inn Dai-ichi Hotel Co., Ltd. web charge. The processing where the manager who has the authority which is accessed the database is appropriate is done.

< Modification of communication method >

When there is modification in communication method, at this web sight we inform.
When correction of private information and the indication of deletion is received, the processing where the manager who has the authority which is accessed the database is appropriate is done.

Ahead inquiring

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